Which graphic novels are getting the most buzz on the blogosphere?

The internet is buzzing over the launch of a new graphic novel series called “Dark Horse Presents.”

The series is a collaboration between writer/artist Brandon Peterson and illustrator J. Michael Straczynski, who collaborated on the award-winning graphic novel “Dark Matter” from Image Comics.

Peterson’s “Dark Horizons” series follows the adventures of two boys who become partners in a band of interstellar pirates.

Straczyk’s “The Unfinished” series is set in the same universe, and it follows a young man named Nick, who is also a space pirate.

The “Dark Horizon” series was first published in January.

Peterson told us the series is based on a novel that Straczys son Brandon wrote with his brother, which they were inspired to make after reading a preview of the book.

The duo has been working on the series since January, but it is a big leap for the graphic novel publishing industry.

They’ve done over 100,000 covers, and have sold over 6 million copies of the series.

“We’re not done yet,” Peterson said, “but we’re starting to get to a point where the volume of covers will be more than enough for us to get this thing off the ground.”

Straczynski is currently working on his third “Dark Frontier” book, which is set at a future when a mysterious virus has wiped out most of humanity.

The book will be out in May 2018.

Peterson said that the next book in the series will follow the exploits of two young pirates, who travel back in time to prevent the destruction of the universe.

“There’s some pretty big stakes involved in the events of ‘Dark Horizons,'” Peterson said.

The series is currently available for pre-order, but will have a hardcover release later this year.

Peterson and Straczik hope to begin selling the series on digital platforms such as Barnes & Noble in May 2019.