Why are we still learning about baseball’s best players?

On Thursday, we looked at the best players of all time and asked what makes a great player.

Today, we look at the most dominant players of baseball history.

The best players to ever play in the major leagues?

Yes, we’ll say that again.

Here are our top 10.1.

Babe Ruth (1935-1937)1.

Lou Gehrig (1928-1930)2.

Jackie Robinson (1917-1918)3.

Frank Robinson (1876-1961)4.

Lou Groza (1902-1903)5.

Ted Williams (1901-1902)6.

Christy Mathewson (1904-1906)7.

Bobby Thomson (1905-1908)8.

Mickey Mantle (1914-1916)9.

Ted Turner (1909-1911)10.

Lou Boudreau (1929-1960)Here are the 10 most dominant hitters of all-time:1.

Hank Aaron (1939-1964)2: Babe Ruth3: Mickey Mazeroski4: Joe DiMaggio5: Ted Williams6: Lou Gehri7: Jack Morris8: Tony Perez9: Joe Gorman10: Ted Koppelman