Top 10 most overpaid movies and TV shows

5,200 movies and television shows have grossed more than $1 billion, according to a list compiled by the Hollywood Reporter.

The list includes hits such as The Hangover Part III, Fargo, The Big Bang Theory and, of course, The Walking Dead, with the film franchise topping the list with $1.02 billion in its first weekend.

The list also includes movies that have already hit the big screen, such as Gravity and The Lego Movie, and TV series that haven’t yet been picked up by network networks.

The Hollywood Reporter estimates the top 10 grossing movies and shows each earned about $5.2 million, or roughly $13.5 million for a family of four.

The top 10 most expensive movies are: The Hangover, $3.5 billion; The Big Pay, $2.5 bn; The Walk, $1,715 million; The Walking Bad, $928 million; Jurassic World, $905 million; Fargo, $900 million; Wonder Woman, $890 million; Star Wars: The Last Jedi, $850 million; and Iron Man 3, $760 million.

For the most part, the top five grossing TV shows are: The Walking.

The Walking, $21.5 mil; The Blacklist, $19.3 mil; Black-ish, $17.1 mil; and The Mindy Project, $14 mil.

Check out the list below and tell us if you think the movies are overpriced or not.