Employers: If you want to make more money, hire graphics talent

The graphic design profession is becoming increasingly competitive as businesses look for graphic designers to help with their online marketing and other sales processes.

But if you want your business to stay relevant and to make a profit, hiring graphics is essential, according to the graphic design talent industry’s chief executive.

Key points:If you want graphic designers who can help with your online marketing, you need to hire them in-house rather than outsourcingThe job is becoming more challenging due to more and more people looking for workThe industry is struggling to recruit talent as digital marketing and advertising growth slows downThe job has become increasingly challenging due the advent of artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT) , but the key is to find graphic designers in-houses rather than hiring out, said Richard Ritchie, chief executive of graphic design staffing agency A2G Talent.

“If you’re a business owner, hiring graphic designers is essential,” he said.

“They are essential in the digital marketing process.”

The graphic design industry has traditionally hired people on-site.

The average salary for graphic design work was around $80,000 in 2015, according the Australian Institute of Graphic Design.

“It’s been a really challenging industry to work in, but there is definitely a lot of people who are trying to make it more affordable, because there’s a lot more talent available,” Mr Ritchie said.

Mr Ritchie’s organisation has been offering its services to a number of businesses, including retailers and hotels.

“We’ve got more and the number of agencies we’ve worked with is growing, and I’m really proud of our ability to do this,” he told ABC News.

Mr Molloy said companies were using the agency to hire designers to assist with their digital marketing.

“Most companies are looking to hire graphic designers on-hand, rather than outsourced, to help out with the marketing,” he explained.

“Companies want to be able to use their own resources to do what they need to do.”

Digital marketing and online advertising revenue fell for the second year in a row in 2015-16, according data from industry body Digital Media Australia.

“There’s a real lack of talented, skilled and experienced talent, and the digital advertising industry needs to recruit more of it,” said Mr Mollox.

“A lot of businesses are looking for more of a ‘designer’ type of role.”

Mr Mottoy said a large number of young people were also entering the graphic designing profession.

“The digital advertising market is a very young market,” he added.

“Young people are coming into the market and they’re seeing the potential of the digital industry.”

What can graphic designers do?

Mr Roddy said companies needed to hire more graphic designers locally.

“I think it’s very important for businesses to find out what type of person they need,” he advised.

“You need to find people who have a skill set and who have that expertise and who are also able to work from home, if you like.”‘

I’m the best at it’Some employers were looking for people who had experience in a graphic design field.

“As an employer, it’s about finding the right people to do your business, to get the right skills and experience,” Mr Mottox said.

Some companies were looking to find a new graphic designer who was not already working in the industry.

“What we’re doing is looking to recruit the next generation of designers and graphic designers and to hire those who are going to grow and mature,” Mr Kelleher said.

A2G has a wide range of design services, including design consulting, design and branding, and advertising and public relations.

Its job is to help businesses achieve the best online results and reach the customers they need.

“Our client base is diverse, we’re seeing clients from all over the world, and we’re looking to build our network of global clients that have a range of digital marketing needs,” Ms Molloch said.