Australian Financial review: $US4.4 billion loss in ‘supermodel’ show graphic talent

Posted October 07, 2018 08:19:56AUSTRALIAN financial magazine The Australian Financial Press has published an article revealing the extent to which Australia’s most-watched sports broadcaster is not getting the recognition it deserves for its talent shows.

In a scathing editorial entitled “Supermodel: Australia’s Sports Talent Show Graphic Talent Doesn’t Get the Credit it Deserves”, the paper highlights the extent of the problem with the “talent shows” on Australian TV.

“The Supermodel program is a failure, the talent shows it promotes don’t generate much of a revenue stream for the broadcaster and in fact are not as popular as advertised,” the editorial said.

“Its a shame because we’ve got a great talent show program.

If we could get the recognition we deserve for our talent shows we would be in a great position to attract talent from all over the world and to attract a new generation of talented Australians.”

The editorial said the show “doesn’t generate any money, does not generate any interest in its audience, and it is an embarrassment to the Australian public.

It should be a national treasure.””

What is the Supermodel show for?” the editorial asked.”

How can we put up with this?”

The ABC has confirmed that the Super model is still “in production” but said that its contract with the network does not have an end date.

The ABC is not commenting on the editorial.

“It was a hard choice between an ABC production or a broadcast,” a spokesperson for the ABC said.AAP/ABC