Why is Google hiring a graphic designer?

By now, most people know that Google is looking to hire a graphic design talent for its next redesign effort.

The search giant, however, has not announced who that graphic designer will be.

But now, Google has.

According to a post by Google engineer Matt Cutts, the company is looking for a graphic artist to join the team, adding that he “can help bring visual design into Google’s next redesign.

If you are interested in this, we would love to hear from you!”

While Google has not said exactly who it wants to hire for the redesign, the search giant is hiring a team of designers, artists, and illustrators, as well as graphic designers.

The post also mentions that the company has “been working on a redesign of its Google Maps product,” so it may be looking to create new maps and graphics.

Google is not the only company to hire graphic designers in the last year.

Earlier this year, Yahoo announced that it was hiring two graphic designers to work on a new redesign for its search and news product.

Google also recently hired a graphic team to help with a redesign for Google+, as well.

Google’s search and advertising products, including its Search Console and News Search, are now fully redesigned, and the company said it was “building a new search experience that better reflects our mission.”

Google is also looking to bring a new version of the Chrome browser to the market in the next few months.