Which Companies Are Getting More Talent from Graphic Designers?

Graphic designers are increasingly being drawn into the talent pipeline, as companies like Facebook and LinkedIn seek to recruit them as a way to better retain talent. 

The rise in the role has led to a rise in salaries for graphic designers and a rise, in some cases, in salaries.

According to a recent report from staffing firm Towers Watson, graphic designers’ median salaries rose 10% in 2017 to $61,300 from $53,600 in 2016.

While graphic designers still make up just 13% of the overall workforce, their wages have jumped 14% over the past two years, to $66,000.

That’s a 25% increase.

It’s not just that designers are being drawn in to the talent pool.

Companies are also seeking them to do more with the work they’ve created.

The demand for graphic design work is so high that the demand for designers’ time has grown too, Towers Watson said.

And as companies seek to hire more talent, they’re seeking to keep that talent longer. 

The rise in talent retention also comes as companies are hiring more people, such as data scientists and programmers, who have more of a “talent-market fit,” said David Lebow, a professor of organizational behavior at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. 

This is happening at companies that were looking for people who were skilled at data mining and data analytics.

“It’s really important for people in the data science and analytics industry, because these people are really, really valuable,” Lebow said. 

The demand for talent is so big, that employers are also looking for those who can make the most out of the positions they’ve filled, Lebow added. 

In addition to hiring more designers, companies are also increasingly turning to other areas of their workforce to attract talent.

They’re looking to recruit programmers, social media experts and other people who have expertise in other areas, Lebows said.

In many cases, companies also are looking for software engineers to do jobs like working with their systems, building systems and making the system run.

The need for more designers is driven by a growing market for web and mobile apps, LeBow said.

Companies want to hire engineers who can work on mobile platforms and web apps, and they also want to have people who can get the most from their apps, he added.

“Companies have an incredible amount of flexibility, and if they can provide a lot of those things, then the designers will come in,” Lebows added. 

  In a recent study from consulting firm Gartner, employers are hiring designers for roles ranging from human resources to customer support.

That’s the first time in recent years that designers have been a more significant part of the job search than in years past, Gartners analysts wrote.

In 2015, only 25% of job applicants were drawn to designers, compared with 48% for those with a high school diploma or less. 

Companies are also trying to recruit designers from other fields.

In 2017, companies added more people with a degree in social work and arts than they did in 2015.

The percentage of designers in the U.S. employed in social and community work increased from 20% to 30% between 2014 and 2017. 

There’s also been a growing trend of companies hiring designers as independent contractors, said Scott Heil, chief executive officer of The Graphic Designer’s Guild, a trade organization that represents more than 30,000 graphic designers. 

While it’s still early, he said that the trend is growing.

He said he’s not surprised that the number of people seeking graphic design jobs has increased.

He noted that companies are not hiring designers in large numbers, and many are relying on contractors to do some of the work. 

“In the past, you were able to hire designers on a day-to-day basis because they had the skills to do it,” Heil said.

“But now, you have to be able to do a large-scale project or you’re not going to get the job.”

Now that the supply of designers has increased, that is making it more important to get them.

“According to a report from the Center for Talent Development, the number and salaries of graphic designers have risen over the last two years.

And according to Gartener, designers’ wages are increasing more than 20%.