Video game development company is hiring graphics new staff

Video game developer Artemus Games is hiring a graphic designer, a programmer, a producer, and more to build its graphics pipeline.

Artemus announced the hiring Friday, saying it’s seeking an experienced graphic designer who can “design new and existing graphics to build on the core capabilities of the company’s existing graphics pipeline.”

Artemuses said it wants the position to be part of the Graphics Engineering team.

“This position is responsible for developing graphics in the graphics programming, visual effects, lighting, animation, sound, music, audio, and video domains,” the announcement said.

Artems is hiring for a full-time, full-year position, Artemuses told Recode.

The hiring announcement comes after Artemuss posted a blog post earlier this month outlining its plans to add more than 30 additional hires to its team over the next year.

Artemis Games is currently looking to hire for about 40 people in the coming months.