How to sign up to the new Big Finish Doctor Who book series – video

The first Big Finish video game, Big Finish Presents Doctor Who: The Game, is now available to download.

The new title, which includes a range of new content, is due to release later this month. 

The Doctor Who Adventure Pack, available to buy, adds a new adventure from Doctor Who creator Steven Moffat. 

As with previous Big Finish adventure games, the Adventure Pack is a fully-realised adventure and includes three adventures.

It is available to play for free to anyone who has purchased the Adventure pack. 

A new Doctor Who TV series is also available.

The Doctor Who Companion is a companion book to the series, which will follow the adventures of the Doctor and companion Clara Oswald. 

While the first Doctor Who adventure pack, Big Fix, is a complete game experience, it is a first-time purchase, meaning it is also priced at £29.99. 

If you want to know more about the new Doctor’s adventures, or if you are just interested in the story of the new adventure, here’s a look at the full line-up. 

Read our review of Big Finish’s Doctor Who adventures, which include a look back at the original adventure, and watch a trailer. 

In Big Finish The Adventure Pack you can also find the new Adventure Pack: The Doctor and Clara Oswald, plus the Doctor’s First Encounter in London, plus an audio version of the classic adventure, The Invasion of Time. 

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