How the media covered the job search for a CNN reporter

Posted February 16, 2018 11:58:16 The media has been largely silent on the rise of the job-hunting industry.

But as the Trump administration is looking to hire journalists and other news producers, the media is getting involved.

The Associated Press is using its media and entertainment strategy to help bring some of these talented reporters and editors into the fold.

The AP’s goal is to bring the journalists and producers to CNN, CNNMoney reports.

The news outlet hopes to hire about 10 reporters and 20 editors in the coming year.

But with more than $1 billion in new funding announced by the Trump White House, the AP is hoping to reach even more journalists and editors.

That means hiring reporters and producing content on CNN.

“It’s about getting the best people in the room and making sure we’re connecting with people who are looking for work,” CNNMoney’s Mike Allen writes.

CNN’s chief media correspondent, Brooke Baldwin, is the AP’s media and media strategy chief.

Allen says the news outlet is already starting to hire and is looking for writers, producers, producers’ assistants, digital content producers, news and public relations people, and video editors.

The network also is working with its digital team on creating a new content strategy and expanding its newsroom.

“We are looking at all the opportunities to be a better news organization,” Baldwin says.

“But I think we’re going to start looking more at what the audience wants to see and what we can provide.”

CNNMoney says the network’s media strategy, including a plan to reach new audiences, has already started.

For example, CNN has already hired a digital producer, and it has an ad agency that has hired digital content creators. “

Our goal is for us to connect with and engage people who want to work with us, whether they are journalists, journalists-at-large, news consumers or the general public.”

For example, CNN has already hired a digital producer, and it has an ad agency that has hired digital content creators.

“CNN’s strategy is to reach more people and reach those audiences in the long run,” Baldwin tells ABC News.

CNN is also looking to expand its newsrooms and the AP says it is “actively exploring hiring additional reporters, reporters-at-, reporters-out and new reporters-in positions as part of a broader strategy to increase the network and AP’s reach to a broader audience.”