Which one of these TV shows will be canceled?

A series of television programs, including “The Bachelor,” have been canceled or renewed in recent weeks.

In a few instances, networks have decided to move the date for cancellation of a series.

But others have not.

Below is a list of television shows that have been renewed or cancelled since August 8.

A few of the canceled shows, including the ones with a “D” are still airing, and others are in limbo.

(NBC) A “C” in this list means the show is being canceled for good.

The network has given the writers room to explore alternative series.

The networks also will be looking to re-boot some of their old programming, including original series and scripted specials.

(ABC) “Black-ish” is back on the air.

The ABC drama will air on Mondays.

(CBS) “The Big Bang Theory” has been renewed for a second season.

It is also the only show in the broadcast network’s schedule to not be renewed.

(Fox) “Scandal” has yet to return to the airwaves.

(The CW) “UnREAL” has not yet been renewed.

The CW drama will be airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

ET on The CW.

(FOX) “Grey’s Anatomy” is renewed for Season 9.

The CBS drama will premiere on Oct. 22.

(Showtime) “American Crime” is still airing in syndication, with its fourth season slated to air in late 2018.

It will also be a series regular on The WB, with a fourth season set to premiere on the network in early 2019.

(AMC) “NCIS: Los Angeles” is not returning for a fourth year.

The US-based crime drama will have its fifth season debut on the CW in late 2019.

CBS also plans to renew the series.

(CW) “Jane the Virgin” is also still airing on CBS.

It stars Laverne Cox as a new-ish character who is also a woman.

(Jane) “Bates Motel” is returning for Season 4, and will continue to be a regular on CBS in 2019.

It has also been renewed by CBS for a fifth season.

(Netflix) “Chicago Med” is currently airing on ABC.

It premiered in 2018.

(PBS) “Modern Family” is continuing on Fox, with Season 3 expected to debut in late 2020.

(FX) “Sleepy Hollow” is a limited series.

It premieres on ABC on Dec. 5.

(USA Network) “Undercover Boss” is in production on ABC, with the show set to debut later this year.

(Hulu) “Tucker & Dale Vs.

Evil” is set to air its second season in 2018, and is a spinoff of “Dale Vs.

Dale” that will air its third season in 2019 on Disney XD.

(Disney XD) “Star Trek: Discovery” is airing on Discovery for the first time in 2018 with its sixth season.

The sci-fi series will premiere with a new twist this fall, with an all-new cast and new characters.

(Starz) “Supergirl” is the first superhero series to debut on The Fox network, with new characters and villains.

(WB) “Downton Abbey” is re-running its third and fourth seasons, with Downton actress Margo Martindale starring as a widow.

(BBC) “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has been ordered to return for Season 5.

The Marvel series is being produced by ABC Studios and is slated to premiere in 2018 on ABC and on Hulu.

(Marvel) “House of Cards” is scheduled to return on Netflix, with season 3 set to be filmed this fall.

The Netflix series is a reboot of “House Of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey.

( Netflix ) “House Hunters” is coming back for Season 3.

(AHS) “Hannah Montana” is now a series on Bravo.

(Bravo) “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is being renewed for season 4.

(FXX) “How to Get Away with Murder” is finally returning for its fifth and final season.

NBC is also planning to reair its first season of “Murder” on October 22.

“Modern Girl” is on its way back to the schedule, but it will not be a full season.

Season 2 of the animated series will air later this fall and be a mini-series on the Disney XD channel.

(TBS) The CW is planning to move “Supernatural” to Fridays at 9:30 p.s. in 2018-2019, and move “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to Mondays at 9 a.m., with new episodes starting in 2019-2020.

(Syfy) “Vinyl” is slated for a late-season revival.

(TV Land) “Young Justice” is no longer on CBS, but will