The Art of Talent Retention is Back!

On Wednesday, September 13th, the talented artist who created the #1 trending comic of 2018, the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” #1 Book of the Year, the highly anticipated “Binge on” video game and the new #1 New York Times bestseller “The Art of Being Good” will be back to present a keynote at the 2018 World Comics Expo, and this time the keynote will be dedicated to the talented artists of “Talent Retention,” a new web series from “Beverly Hills, 90210” creator/star-studded talent graphic artist, Ryan Stegman.

In the series, Stegmans talented team of illustrators and colorists and a creative director will come together for a live, exclusive panel discussion with Stegmen to explore the intersection of talent and artistry. 

For fans of “Bones,” the #2 bestseller of 2018 and the best-selling comic book of 2018 by Mattel, the panel will be about the evolution of storytelling through the use of color and story-telling to enhance a story and character.

In “Talents Retention” the panels are all about how the artist’s personal vision, their own work and their creative process influences the way that the artwork is used and displayed on the page.

The “Bathtub Dreams” series from writer/artist/comic book pioneer, and “Bits and Pieces” creator, Scott McCloud is also scheduled to be a guest.

This is a new series where Scott and the “Talented” team will be discussing the work and the influences they have on Scott’s comic books.

“The Art” is a series about the work of talented artists, artists who are just starting out, the process of creating, the importance of collaboration, the art of a graphic novel and the impact it can have on our world.

For the first time ever, StEGMAN will be an honorary panelist at the World Comics Exposition.

“The Artists of Talent” is the newest series of the World Arts Festival that Stegmills is co-founder and director of.

The theme for “The Arts” is “the power of art in the world” and is a celebration of artists and the creative process.

Steg’s “Art” series is a tribute to the creative work of the talented people who make up the creative community.

The series was launched at the 2017 World Arts festival in New York City, and Stegmania is the third installment of “The Masters” series. 

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