Talent pipeline graphic: Why the top talent is being left behind

The story of talent in India is often described as a talent pipeline.

The idea behind the graphic was born after a series of high-profile departures from the Indian film industry and its accompanying recruitment cycle.

The graphic was designed to help illustrate the challenges faced by Indian talent when seeking to move on to the next phase of their career, said Keshav Raghavan, managing director, Talent Marketing.

Raghavan added that the graphic also serves as a visual reminder that talent development in India does not always go as planned.

“This is a message for those who are looking to enter the film industry but find themselves stuck on a talent development track.

A talent pipeline graphic tells the story of what the Indian talent pipeline looks like,” Raghavans said.

The image has been made into a poster.

The poster has been designed by a team of talent marketing professionals, including talent and business development consultants.

Ragdeep Rana, a director at Talent Marketing, said the graphic is part of a series to help highlight talent retention, particularly when it comes to recruiting new talent.

“It helps us understand what the next step in our process looks like, especially for talent in a more uncertain environment,” Rana said.

“We wanted to help the people we work with understand what our talent pipeline is and why it is important to our business and our clientele.”

The Talent Pipeline graphic has been created with a view to encouraging recruitment in the talent pipeline and is the second time the graphic has helped promote recruitment in India’s film industry.

The first graphic was created in 2014.

It was a collaboration between the Talent Management and Talent Marketing departments of the Bollywood film production company, Sony Pictures.

The Bollywood talent recruitment graphic was used to help recruit and train actors for the B-Movie “Porgy and Bess”.

It also had the potential to encourage film-makers to seek out talent in the country.

“A graphic like this one, in part, is intended to help raise awareness of talent recruitment in our industry, and to raise awareness about our hiring process,” Rakesh Kumar, chief marketing officer, Sony India, said in a statement.