Jerusalem Film Academy hires graphic novelist for graphics jobs

The Jerusalem Film School has hired graphic novelist and illustrator Hana Zadon as its first graphics talent.

Zadon is currently working on a graphic novel about the life of Holocaust survivor Meir Kahane.

She was selected from hundreds of applicants for the position.

According to the Hebrew language site Algemeiner, Zadons job title is “Graphics Supervisor in the Jerusalem Film Department.”

The Jerusalem Film department is headed by director and producer Avi Kedar and supervises more than 500 graphic novels and graphic novels based on the popular film franchise “Jerusalem.”

The title of the film series is “The Tale of the Three Brothers.”

Kedar, who has worked in the film industry for over 40 years, told Algemeeiner that ZadON will be the first graphic novelist to work in the department.

“She will be an excellent member of the staff and will be part of the team working on the visual and audio elements of the graphic novel, which will be based on a script written by our director Avi,” Kedar said.

“This graphic novel will be published in the spring of 2019 and will have a high-quality, professionally produced, and critically acclaimed graphic novel look and feel.”

“The Tale Of The Three Brothers” is based on an autobiographical novel written by Kahane in 1973.

Zadona will be responsible for the writing and editing of the novel, according to Algemeiiner.

Kedar said that Zadia will be working under the supervision of the chief graphic novelist of the department, who will be Yossi Eran Cohen, an editor who was recently named the “Chief Editor of the Israel Film Institute.”

“Zadona is a very talented writer, she is very intelligent and she is also very creative, so we will work closely together,” Kades said.

Zadia will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other students and other faculty members.

“We are looking forward to her working with our talented students, who we have to recruit as soon as possible,” Kader said.

Kadon said that the school is working on hiring graphic novel talent.

“I am excited about this project.

I am sure that she will work hard to deliver a high quality, professionally published graphic novel,” she said.

“She will also help us with the production of the story, and we will be proud to have her help us out in this regard.”

Zadoni is currently studying at the Jerusalem University of Technology.

She has been working as a graphic artist since 2013 and has published several graphic novels in the Hebrew-language literature magazine “The Magazine of the Jewish People.”

She has also done illustrations for other graphic novels.