How to keep your job after a loss

In a move that could be seen as a victory for social media companies, Google announced that it will be giving employees a 30-day vacation to “restock” on unused time.

Google’s announcement came as news of a devastating wildfire in the state of California prompted a massive social media blackout.

The company has also rolled out a feature to help employees take advantage of its massive talent pool.

Employees will be able to “locate and apply for new positions using a new search box, as well as apply for jobs in the Google Search team,” according to the company’s blog.

Google said that it plans to make this feature available to its 1.4 million employees across the U.S. by early next year. 

“It is important to recognize that when a job becomes vacant, a search for the right person to fill the role can take up to 30 days to fill, and that when the position is filled, the job may take longer to get done.

The goal of our new search feature is to help us find the right people for our work and keep the job open,” Google said in the blog post.

Google also noted that the company will also be launching a new “hiring tool” for its employees that will allow them to easily check in on a job and see if it’s open.

“We’re working to roll out this feature to our employees, as soon as possible,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog post last month. 

Google has also started offering employees a monthly salary discount to help them “get the most out of their time.” 

“We are always looking to improve the quality of our work for our employees and their families,” Pichay said in a statement.