How to get a ‘big picture’ job: ‘It’s the most important job in the world’

Graphic design talent has always been a tough gig, with a high demand and a big reward.

Now a new survey shows that’s changing.

But what will it take to land the job of your dreams? 

Here are the 10 most challenging jobs in the graphic design industry.1.

Designing a brand graphic design portfolio”There’s a great opportunity to create a brand that can sell products or service in a way that’s uniquely unique to your customers or to your brand, but also have the potential to create an identity for yourself.

You can do that with graphic design.”—Chris Wainwright, CEO, Digital Marketing Agency, Lidl 2.

Graphic design for advertising and content marketing”You have to have an understanding of how the digital advertising market works.

It’s not just advertising.

It has to be marketing content, too.

You need to understand the industry, the different ways of doing advertising and marketing.

And you need to be able to create the best graphics for the digital world.”—Spencer Janko, Marketing Director, Digg3.

Design work for online stores and news aggregators”What I like about the digital age is that the way that companies are doing things is so different, so different from what you would do as a traditional graphic designer.

That’s where a lot of the jobs come from.

But the most exciting thing about the job is how you can be part of something bigger and do it with more responsibility and accountability than ever before.”—Nina Fishell, Vice President of Digital Marketing, BuzzFeed4.

Graphic Design in Australia”A great opportunity is to do digital marketing work on behalf of a brand or organisation in Australia.”—Andrew Johnson, Vice Chairman, Digital Media, Fairfax Media5.

Graphic Designer’s Assistant”This is a fantastic position to work on advertising and online marketing.

It requires a lot more of the creative, but the reward is worth it.

It can be a really exciting experience.”—Jessica Trew, Vice Chair, Creative Development at Coda Digital, Creative Management Group, Dymaxion6.

Digital Marketing Engineer”This position is a great one for anyone who loves to do marketing work and wants to be part and parcel of it.

A lot of people who work in digital marketing are going to want to work for a digital marketing company, or they might have an existing digital marketing agency that is looking to recruit a digital marketer.”—Matt Waugh, Vice Principal, Digital & Interactive Marketing at G4S7.

Digital Brand Manager”I have a very strong interest in digital brands, especially digital brands with a strong social presence.

I love to be involved in the design and development of digital campaigns.

It gives me the opportunity to learn about different ways to reach people, and I can use my experience as a designer to create great digital campaigns.”—Dan O’Brien, Managing Director, Digital Brands, Arup8.

Creative Director, Product Design”It’s a good position to be a designer.

I can be really creative and I love working on a product.

It will make me a better designer, and it will help me learn how to create products for customers and clients.”—Ian Steed, Creative Director at Lid Laptop9.

Graphic Assistant”I love working with creative people and I think they are always going to have the most interesting and insightful thoughts on what they are doing.

That being said, I have always had a very creative and intuitive mind.

I would be happy to work with anyone.”—Ariel Nalepa, Graphic Designer, Facebook10.

Digital Media Manager”Digital media is going to be in the forefront of people’s lives in the future.

You will be working with people in their day-to-day lives and making a difference in their lives.”—Jenna Silliman, Director of Digital Media at Google