Why Fox Sports hires new graphics talent, even if it’s not a fan favorite

Fox Sports is looking to hire a graphics talent for its new sports coverage division.

The sports division, which is currently being funded by the NBA, is expected to launch in 2019, Fox Sports announced Tuesday.

The Fox Sports digital properties have been among the network’s most-viewed in recent years and will now have a full-time sports division as well as a “graphics” team focused on “media, technology, and digital content,” according to the announcement.

The new graphics team will also be responsible for “creating and executing graphics for FOX Sports content across the Fox Sports family of channels, including FOX Sports GO, FOX Sports Radio, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Golf Channel, FOX NBA, FOX NFL, FOX News, FOX College Sports, FOX Women’s Basketball, FOX Men’s Basketball and FOX Women Baseball,” according the announcement posted to the FoxSports.com website.

The addition of a graphics team to the channel is significant because “there is no other sports network that has a full team of professionals dedicated to creating and executing visual graphics for all of our content,” the announcement added.

The announcement is a departure for Fox Sports, which previously has not had a dedicated graphics team.

The network’s digital news and commentary team was recently expanded to include “content creators and editors who work for the Fox Business Network, FOX Business Network Digital and Fox Sports Network.”

Fox Sports said it will be able to hire an additional 15 graphics experts to the new team by the end of 2019.

It will be interesting to see how the network will use the new graphics, given the fact that the new division will be responsible “for creating and implementing graphics for FoxSports content across all Fox Sports channels,” the statement continued.

A new sports division is a welcome development for the network, which has struggled to build its digital portfolio.

In March, Fox announced that it was hiring a graphic talent to work on its new digital portfolio, but only after a public backlash.

At the time, the network said the new hires would “make significant and valuable contributions to our digital offerings.”

The hiring of a new graphics producer for Fox’s digital coverage is notable given that Fox News has struggled in recent months to find new content creators for its network.

Last month, Fox News announced that a new digital team was to be hired by the network to “provide additional programming and editorial guidance” for the channel’s digital operations.