Hiring graphics for the new Globe and Mail

With more than 1,300 staffers in more than 80 offices across the Globe and the CBC, Globe and mail headquarters is one of Canada’s most dynamic and innovative media businesses.

Staffing and management have been overhauled to provide an even more collaborative environment, with more people on the ground in the creative areas of graphic design, social media and digital marketing.

But it’s a key area of growth for the company.

“We’ve seen a lot of change over the last five years,” says Jeff Schulman, the president of communications for the Globe.

“So a lot has changed since we were founded and that has resulted in some really good and creative people coming into the Globe today.”

He says the Globe is working to add more staff in areas like social media, advertising and branding, as well as hire new talent.

And he says the company is hiring a large number of creative professionals and freelancers in digital media.

But that won’t be the only change in the coming years.

“Our focus will be on the creative side of things,” says Schulmann.

“That means creating new digital content for the print side of the Globe.”

The Globe is a joint venture between The Globe and Murdoch’s The Globe Group.

Its headquarters are in Ottawa and its print operations are in Toronto.

“The Globe and Newsroom” will also be a joint entity, which means that it will have a more diverse editorial staff.

Schulmans’ team is making the changes to reflect a changing world.

“As we grow the Globe, we’re going to be investing more in our digital strategy, and we’re looking to make our digital presence stronger,” he says.

Schultman says the new digital team will include the head of digital and social media at the Globe Media Group, Chris Roesler, as the company’s digital director.

Roeslers previous role at The Globe was managing digital strategy for The Globe’s digital newsroom.

“Chris has a great track record, and I think that’s going to continue,” says Roesers predecessor, Jim Stolpe, who now serves as the CEO of MediaWorks, the company behind the Globe’s video platform.

“He’s a really good guy, and he’s going in with a very good track record of growth.”

For the first time, the Globe will have an online-only newsroom, with news from all 50 states.

The Globe will also expand its newsroom to feature digital and print news, and has partnered with the CBC and the Toronto Star to bring the news from Toronto to audiences around the world.

A new digital news service will also launch in 2018.

Newsroom team members will also include digital editors, a digital editor who is responsible for managing digital news, a news editor who will oversee digital editorial content and a senior digital editor.

Schuerman says the digital news team will be a “strong complement to our print and online news operations.”

Schulings new hire in the newsroom is Chris Roms, who was hired as a senior editor in January 2018.

Roms has experience covering the Canadian national and international news for The Canadian Press.

The hiring was part of a larger reshuffle at the company, as newsroom employees were laid off or transferred to other departments, including operations.

The new hires include: a senior copy editor in the Canadian Press, a senior content editor in The Globe, a junior copy editor at The Canadian National Post and a junior editorial director in the CBC News Network.

“In the end, this is an exciting day for us,” says Stolpes.

“It means that we’re bringing together a group of talented people from across the news and entertainment industries.”

With a new team and the addition of a digital news channel, the new newsroom will also become the Globe Newsroom, which will be led by a digital editorial director, and will cover national, international and local news.

Scholips team will also have a digital content editor who also will be responsible for editorial content.

He will oversee content for all digital content, including video, and also is responsible at all times for all content across the print and digital sides of the newsrooms.

Schuler says the team will help create new stories and engage audiences with their news coverage, as they will now be able to do with print and broadcast.

“There will be stories that will not have a traditional print run, and it will be great to be able create something that will be relevant to a broad audience and not just to a certain audience,” says Suresh Khurana, the head editor of the new channel.

“But the focus will always be the stories that are relevant to the Globe audience.”

The new channel will also offer a mix of news and cultural content, and the new platform will be built around a digital calendar, which is designed to give readers more control over what they see on the Globe newsstand.

“This is going to make it easier to stay up-