Aussie fashion star who has worked with Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kanye West, is back in the spotlight

In 2017, a few weeks after he made a name for himself with his signature style of minimalist design, the iconic Australian fashion icon and entrepreneur was back on the fashion scene with his own brand, Jelani.

His company, which is named after his late father, the famed entrepreneur, was founded by an Australian entrepreneur named Mark.

It was the beginning of a trend in Australian fashion for brands to create an aesthetic that was not only tailored for the person who designed it, but also for their target audience.

The brand started out as a label for artists and celebrities who wanted to be considered in the public eye.

But by the time Jelai began selling in the mainstream fashion world, it was already established enough to warrant its own line of clothing.

Its first clothing line, JL (Jelani Light) in the early 2000s, was a collaboration between Jelana and Jelania, a brand founded by Mark’s wife, Julia.

A number of other iconic Australian brands have since followed suit, including a range of designer labels, including Glamour, H&M, Hanes, Zara, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren.

Mark’s wife Julia and his son Matt have also been active in Australian music, with Jelia and Matt on stage together at Australian music festivals.

He and Julia are also the founders of the Australian fashion agency, FEMM, which has been selling high-end clothing to both male and female clients.

Jelai is also responsible for the launch of the fashion-focused lifestyle brand, Lifestyle by Jelian, which recently launched in Australia.

In 2017, the fashion icon launched his own fashion brand called Jelane, which he describes as his way of giving back to the community.

“We’ve always loved the local community, the farmers, the traditional people, who’ve been there for centuries, so when we got into this space we wanted to make a mark on our heritage,” Mark says.

 Jelane has been available since January 2018.

At its core, the brand is a collaboration of clothing, accessories and accessories, including Jelanies own signature denim and leather footwear collection.

We’ve had our own little shop since January, but it has now expanded across Australia and is a global brand.

For Jelanie, it is about being able to give back to a community he grew up in and has seen change in his hometown.

There is a lot of love in the community here and that’s something that’s hard to convey, Mark says, as he walks past the store.

When it opened, the store had an emphasis on a casual feel.

Now, it’s more a destination, a place where people can come and explore.

Jelania’s daughter is also working with him on the design side of the business, and he says the company has expanded significantly with the addition of a brand manager and a designer.

“When you see what we’ve got and the talent we’ve had, it has been fantastic,” he says.

“We’re getting some fantastic people into the business.

They’re getting more and more comfortable with the process of working with us.

I think people are coming into the world for the right reasons.”

The brand is also expanding beyond its home market.

Jelanian recently partnered with American retailer Bloomingdale’s to launch its own online store.

The company will sell clothing and accessories through the company’s online store, as well as online and in-store stores.

Jellyfish are also a big seller, with merchandise sold through the online store being distributed in Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re looking for something specific to add to your wardrobe, look no further than Jellyfish’s collection of women’s dresses.

The line includes a range that includes an asymmetrical dress, a simple skirt and even a skirt with a full skirt.

The dress has been designed with a tailored fit, while the skirts are constructed of a full-length silk blouse, with full thigh length and back pleats.

It’s a stunning dress that’s both stylish and flattering, with a simple silhouette that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Jellyfish collection is available for purchase from Jellyfish at its online store (click here).